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The eye is taking the picture, not the camera.
Gisèle Freund

Welcome at photo[de]light, one of my little livedreams...

When i was 14 years old, i got my first halfautomatic Camera, since that moment the fascination of taking pictures is still with me. I always take pictures, pictures of all i can catch. Now, about seventeen years later, my favours of photography are people and sometimes macro. The nicest people are the small ones, because they are so naive and artless, their smile is always true and their eyes don't lie. Nothings more beautiful, then taking pictures of childs, playing absorbed in thoughts or dirty with their best friend at a soccergoal. Born was this idea in kindergarten, because i thought, the kindergartenpictures haven't had a memo value. For that, we'd tried something new, parts of that pictures you can see at the gallery Kindergarten.

I think, necessary for photography is not the correct background but the right moment, i do not promote how many pictures of children i can take in two hours. Sometimes you can take a lot of pictures from one child within ten minutes and other children need time to know me and the camera. For that i don't calculate in hours. It's the perfect moment that will have perfect pictures, not the perfect equipment.
So, you don't get pictures from a skilled photographer, but pictures from a autodidact having time for the perfect moment. And if it dont't work today, we will meet again tomorrow.
Experiential the best and nicest pictures will originate there, where children will be comfortable. At home, in their own garden, at the familiar playground. Together we will find a beautiful place for beautiful pictures of particular constitution.

Have fun at my site.
If you have any questions please use the contactform or just call me at O176 - 31275168.

Claudia Rodrigues, July 2010